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FGG Scholarship Program
Teachers and Students (SY 2008-2009)


Level 2 - TEDDY QUIRANTE, Teacher
1. Jeffrey Quirante
2. Edgardo Talastas
3. Noida Lim
4. Roberto Quirante
5. Reynaldo Nerona

Level 1 - NOIDA LIM, Teacher
1. Lucero Alforgue
2. Maricor Cabiles
3. Michelle Lepiten
4. Charlemagne Lim
5. Marivic Mateo
6. Ma. Fe Sanchez
7. Nenita Santos

Level 1 - JEFFREY QUIRANTE, Teacher
1. Leonora Cuasay
2. Alexander Dela Rosa
3. Patricio Ferrer
4. Welly Libusana
5. Ramon Obejas
6. Liza Quirante
7. Luz Palma
8. Mario Rebadulla
9. Amelita Talastas
10. Luis Talastas
11. Michael Zabat
12. Zenaida Mariano


Level 1 - CONRADO HERRERA, Teacher
Ptr. JOSE BOCALA, Asst. Teacher
Ptr. NAPOLEON SALUBA, Asst. Teacher
1. Melencio Abuan
2. Melanie Abuan
3. Luzviminda Bautista
4. Maribeth Caballero
5. Ramon Catahan, Jr.
6. Ladylee Cristobal
7. Rafael Flores
8. Corazon Garcia
9. Vermont Garcia
10. Eduardo Halili
11. Nenita Halili
12. Rorie Herrera
13. Jessie Ireso
14. Diosdado Marquez
15. Estelita Marquez
16. May Marquez
17. Apple Mora
18. Joan Mora
19. Jolly Mora
20. Leonicia Roque
21. Benito Salvador
22. Lanie Salvador
23. Joey Salonga
24. Alexander San Luis
25. Ethel Sosing
26. Wilfredo Sosing
27. Remedios Villasoto
28. Monching Catahan
29. Felicing Cristobal
30. Pelagia Salas


Level 2 - JUNE EVASCO, Teacher
1. Hans Joseph Delena
2. Jomari Dawis
3. Ricky Tenepere
4. Houston Bayeng
5. Simon Bayeng
6. Richard Mondiquing
7. Joshua Antonio

Level 1 - HOUSTON BAYENG, Student Teacher
1. Kristine Joy Caaya
2. Viola Bayeng
3. Farah Mae Subna-en
4. Monalyn Dulay
5. Eunice Palaleo
6. Rosela Pica
7. Jim Coy-om
8. Dwayne Daligdig

Level 1 - JOMARI DAVIS, Student Teacher
1. Lovely Joy Chaa-ar
2. Julie Ann Florendo
3. Edith Wa-ig
4. Sarah Mapalao
5. Sydney Rose Moresto
6. Katlyn Callanta
7. Raiza Janaire Dominquez
8. Lawrence Moresto

Level 1 - HANS JOSEPH DELENA, Student Teacher
1. Mary Grace Dizon
2. Silas Lobchoy, Jr.
3. Sherwood Basongit
4. Daryll Lobchoy
5. Ryan Coy-om
6. Rudison Ford Callanta
7. Denver Tayab
8. Liza Ticba-en
9. Janno Abance
10. Rick Jireh Balisong


Level 2 - JOHN CORAL, Teacher
1. Teresa Agno
2. Bernard Balag
3. Oscar Joaquin
4. Oliver Kayasben
5. Randy Mendoza
6. Luis Pedro
7. Nellie Tabcao
8. Jeffrey Yogcayog

FGG Feeding Program 2007

Smokey Mountain, the rubbish dump in Tondo, Manila, is said to be the largest slum and squatter area in the Philippines. It is a 2,000-acre mountain of garbage that served as a waste disposal facility to Metro Manila for 40 years. In 1954, neighboring cities of Tondo, Manila started dumping garbage in this area until it became a 2 million ton garbage heap, which in the 1980s gained immense popularity not only country-wide but even international distinction as the Philippines’ symbol of poverty and squalor. Settlers began to live near these piles of garbage and make their living by digging through the trash in search for recyclable materials and food for their families, not considering its harmful effects to their health and that of their families.

Smokey Mountain was closed down in 1994 and was replaced by a housing project from the government. In spite of this, people in Smokey Mountain are still struggling to fight hunger and poverty every day.

Bgy. Batia, Bocaue Bulacan, also known as Northville 5, is one of the barangays affected in the North Luzon Railway System Project or Northrail, a mass transit system from Caloocan City to the provinces of Central and Northern Luzon. The said project resulted to the relocation of informal settlers or 40,000 railway families including the 2,043 families of Bgy. Batia, Bocaue, Bulacan.

On one hand, these families can be viewed as having the opportunity of a better life away from the unsafe and harsh condition of life along the railway tracks; however, they now face difficulty in finding new jobs, and costly transport fares for those who have jobs in Manila. The reality is, the pressing problem of hunger and livelihood remain a problem for this community.

Payatas is a mountainous area where the garbage of Metro Manila is dumped.
The parents of the recipients living in the area scavenge to find wealth in the garbage heap by searching for recyclable materials to be sold, and sometimes, to find food for their families. Children capable enough to climb the mountains of garbage even help their parents. Extreme poverty forces these people to live in such destitution, but they have learned to survive and have become adjusted to this way of life.

Sitio Ese, Brgy. San Rafael, Montalban, Rizal,
on the other hand, is a community sandwiched between the edge of a huge mountain being quarried and a mighty running Wawa river. The people in the area, aside from living in subsistence economy because of unemployment and scarce opportunities and resources, are also facing eviction because of lack of land tenure. The people who work in the quarry do so without the proper safety equipment or gear and as a result, some of them have endured accidents that often leave them scarred, blinded or deformed for life.

FGG believes that children are the future, so one of our aims is to provide the basic necessity of food, not only for survival, but ultimately for a healthier and more positive well-being. Foundation for God’s Glory aims not only to feed the children in these two areas, but also to help their parents and communities by holding community seminars about Family Health/Planning, Community Empowerment and Education, Technical Skills Transfer, and Livelihood Project Development. The foundation believes that empowering the parents and the community will guarantee the well-being of the recipients and their families after the phase-out of FGG’s hunger alleviation.

Teachers and Students 2007-2008 FGG Scholarship Program: Teachers & Students (SY2007-2008)

Ptr. William Acedo
1. Herman Bautista
2. Fralan Genon
3. Jomar Buiza
4. Rebby Manzo
5. Rebecca Tejerero
6. Carina Concha
7. Veniece Mercado
8. Mariland Maduro
9. Magdalena Nuesca
10. Geraldine Vasquez
11. Laarnie Genon
12. Jenalyn Dasco

Ptr. Jun Madridano, Ptr. Ogie Pantinople

1. Richard Gorillo
2. Ronald Arcangel
3. Isagani Ramos
4. Aaron Joseph Penero
5. Rogelio Arcangel Jr.
6. Jonvil Del Carmen,
7. Rodrigo Mendez
8. Mary Ann Deladia
9. Cecil Quiminales
10. Sairah Jane Lescano
11. Joel Agoy
12. Mark Glenn Caandoy

Teacher: Ptr. Teddy Quirante
1. Roberto Quirante 2. Edgardo Talastas
3. Noida Lim
4. Jeffrey Quirante
5. Jelly Quirante
6. Dargelio Victorio
7. Ruben Paran
8. Reynaldo Nerona

Teacher: Ptr. Fernan Mendoza
1. Salcedo Montuento Jr.
Eligio Macatunao
Armando Andres
Philip Dumlao
Jofel Mendoza
Manit Isip
Armando Victoria
Enrico Mayo

Teacher: Ptr. Domingo Piano
1. Alvin Juan
2. Evangelista Oribello
3. Evelyn Locotan
4. Irene Pio 5. Jose Mabutas
6. Josephine de Guzman
7. Samson Ponciano

Teacher : Rev. John Coral
Students :
1. Billy Mendoza
2. Darwin Abansi
3. Emilia Bayaling
4. Geraldine Eimo
5. Houston Bayeng
6. Melchor Lee
7. Ricky Tenepere

Teacher: Ptr. William Solomon
1. Aida Dagoh
2. Agustina Ambes
3. Arnita Solomon
4. Zaldy Bayating
5. Felicidad Junsay
6. Gabriel Pa-ay
7. Willjane Solomon

Teacher: Ptr. Albert Taca Jr.
1. Alice Gayasco
2. Cristavel Ikug
3. Fernandez Palipa
4. Julia Persia
5. Mary Jane Kimmayong
6. Rosario Banua
7. Zelfa Baoid

Teacher: Ptr. June Evasco
1. Hans Delena
2. Janno Abance
3. Jose Mari Dawis
4. Joshua Antonio
5. Richard Mondiguing
6. Rick Jireh Balisong
7. Simon Ivor Bayeng

Teacher: Ptr. Silver Hombrubeno
1. Eduardo Oribello
2. Anita Dang-il
3. Cyril Dang-il
4. Dahlia Bumanghat
5. Faustino Bandiwan
6. Manuel Panyag
7. Shinkae Hombrebueno

Teacher: Ptr. Eduardo Hidalgo
1. Merlyn Ballesteros
2. Victorino Gasalao
3. Eusebio Gatiw-an
4. Epaerodito Dizon
5. Rolando Hidalgo
6. Estella Hidalgo
7. Juanita Tucdaan
8. Nora Tome

Teacher: Ptr. George Kindipan
1. Elena Arsitio
2. Bernadeth Kindipan
3. Cornelio Gagarin
4. Gotszelouie Dulnuan
5. Julian Mang-osan
6. Leopoldo Calacal
7. Maasaki Caput


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