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FGG Scholarship Program in Tondo, Manila

FGG is pleased to announce the enrollment of 95 students in its scholarship program for school year 2008-2009. FGG Baguio has the highest number of students with 33 scholars. Rev. June Evasco of Capital City Church is conducting the Level 2 program while supervising three Level 1 student teachers, namely: Houston Bayeng, Jomari Dawis, and Hans Joseph Delena. FGG Bulacan of Awesme God Christian Church has 30 Level 1 students being taught by Rev. Conrado Herrera with assistant teachers Rev. Napoleon Saluba and Ptr. Jose Bocala. FGG Tondo of Kerusso Community Church has 24 students under Rev. Teddy Quirante while Rev. John Coral teaches 8 students in FGG Benguet.

Previously a one-year intensive course on evangelism, discipleship and church planting, FGG added a second-year curriculum upgrading the training to a two-year program. Each FGG Center has its own unique curriculum geared towards equipping their students to effectively communicate the Gospel to their own communities. Some of the courses that the scholars have completed thus far are Personal Evangelism, Home Bible Study Methods and Materials, Ecclesiology, Worship, Principles and Practice of Preaching, Old and New Testament Survey, Discipleship, and Church Planting Omega Course.

Each FGG Center has its own class schedules as well. FGG Tondo's program is divided into three semesters, 80 hours per semester meeting twice a week. FGG Benguet meets every Monday, 8am-4pm. FGG Baguio meets Sunday 1pm-5pm while FGG Bulacan meets every Saturday 8am-12nn.

Hunger Alleviation

The Hunger Alleviation Program is a response to the poverty in the Philippines and other third world countries and a bridge to minister God to the families or communities we are reaching out to.

The Hunger Alleviation Program is composed of:
FAC (Feed-A-Child) and SAB (Share-A-Blessing) Projects.

feeding childrenFAC (Feed-A-Child) recognizes that hunger is lethal for children. FAC basically feeds children aged 6-10 years old because these children are in their primary education. Proper nutrition will ensure their learning ability, growth, and body resistance from diseases.

To truly transform the community spiritually and socio-economically, FAC also offers Community Empowerment and Education, Technical Skill Transfer, and Livelihood Project Development to the parents of the recipients and other community members.

FAC aims to see children who were undernourished before the project to reach a normal weight in relation to their age and height and to do better in school after the 1 year duration of the project. On the other hand, the project wants to raise parents who are more equipped to deal with the health, economic, and spiritual well-being of their children or family.

share a blessing picture
SAB (Share-A-Blessing) project, on the other hand, is a one-time intervention to communities which we consider as disadvantaged and needy such as prisoners, women, laborers, farmers, urban-poor, physically-challenged individuals, and abused children. This is a secondary thrust of the program, however, we believe this is as necessary as the FAC project. We may just share food or other material blessings once, but we are always bringing Christ to our beneficiaries. By sharing Christ’s word and salvation, we are giving them eternal food and eternal life.

Kinds of Share-a-Blessing Activities:

  • Medical Mission
  • Food Sharing
  • Bible/Book Distribution
  • Goods Distribution
  • Gift-Giving
  • School Supplies Distribution
  • Bible Visitation

Disaster Relief Program

An occurrence of a major calamity can be devastating and disheartening to the victims. For some, this is the moment to question life and even God. For FGG, this is a chance to reassure these people how God loves them and how perfect His will is.

FGG might not be able to give sustaining relief goods to all of the disaster victims, but by bringing Christ along with our packs of relief goods and engaging the people in a godly worship and praises, we bring people a food for their soul and a package of eternal life. We bridge Christ into their hearts. And if ever they receive Him, they will not burden themselves about the loved ones or the properties they lost, but instead, they will trust God’s leading and look forward to a sunny and everlasting future with Him.

An embodiment of our commitment to glorify and serve God.


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