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Is FGG only operating in the Philippines, and if so,
does it plan on expanding to other countries?

At present, FGG’s headquarters is in New York, but its operations are in the Philippines. FGG definitely plans to expand to other countries in the future, but for now it’s concentrating its efforts in the Philippines.

I want to donate, is it tax-deductable?

Yes. FGG is registered as a non-profit, non-stock organization, certified as a 501c3; therefore, all donations, love-gifts, tithes, offerings, pledges, etc. are tax-deductible.

How does FGG decide who gets a scholarship,
or what community to set up a feeding center?

There is always much research and screening involved. FGG receives a list of scholars complete with their application packet, and several of the staff from the Program Officer right up to the Executive Director gets to review and vote. The R&D and Program Officers research the different demographics and regions of the Philippines to determine which communities would benefit most from an FGG feeding center.

I’m interested in participating in some of the outreaches.
Can I volunteer, and if so, how?

Of course! FGG welcomes volunteers who want to take part in any of its 3 programs: scholarship, hunger alleviation and disaster relief. First you must send us a letter of intent along with your resume. If there is an upcoming trip to Manila, Philippines, we will send you a packet detailing the schedule of activities and programs. FGG will help as much as possible but ultimately, you will be responsible for raising the money to cover your airfare and accommodation. Volunteers will get the chance to make a visible and lasting difference in some of the most destitute areas of the Philippines. They will get the chance to visit schools and seminaries, participate in the feeding centers and medical outreaches, as well as help build a warehouse to store disaster relief goods.

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