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Partnership During Tough Times
By DR Teodoro


Uncharacteristic of its capitalist and free market principles, the US government has bailed out private banks and corporations while actively intervening in the financial markets, a move which some observers see as a step towards socialism. Nobody denies that we are going through economic turmoil.

During tough times like these businesses everywhere are desperately searching for ways to save money and boost revenue - even if it means cooperating with their business rivals. In management jargon this is known as "co-opetition," when competing businesses work together for their mutual benefit. Competing car manufacturers today are considering jointly producing components and systems for their vehicles. Parcel delivery companies are planning to collaborate in the express-delivery market. Feuding newspaper publishers are negotiating with each other on how to boost advertising and circulation so as not to lose out to the internet.

I'm glad to realize that in the Christian ministry, cooperation and partnership is the name of the game. We do not compete to extend the Kingdom of God in this world, we collaborate with other Christian ministries on the best way to carry out Christ's Great Commission. We bring on the table our strengths, capabilities and resources. We partner with like-minded ministries to transform communities for the glory of God.

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