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Editor's Letter

Looking back now, it was one of the most difficult and trying experiences I've ever had, but also one of the most gratifying and spiritually fulfilling. I definitely got what I was looking for, and more. I encountered God on so many levels, but most surprising to me was the chance to lead four people to Christ. I went on the missions trip as a broken person, not believing God could use someone like me; I came back healed, and the only person in the group who had led people to Christ. It just goes to show, it has nothing to do with our capabilities but all to do with God's grace and power.

And now as we are almost out of the first decade of the new millennium, with things such as Myspace, Facebook and Twitter to keep us plugged into and connected to the rest of the world, it's more than easier to 'spread the word,' so to speak; even missionaries can keep us up-to-date with blogs, as another way to spread the word. My hope is, the Word of God will continue to spread for generations to come. And I know it will. With our without Facebook.

In Him,



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